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      You have the opportunity to join the community of the Academy "Sublime SUKIYA" by paying an annual entry for the e-learning platform, a small and symbolic amount, the equivalent of € 1 in your currency ($US, $CAD and AUD, or £).


The e-learning platform started in May 2015 with a dozen already created videos, and new videos are added as things progress, about :


     – beautiful and authentic Japanese gardens known, less known or completely unknown

     – the work of craftsmen in connection with the garden,

     – fabulous tsuboniwa of Japan, with their so powerful evocative power,

     – the creations of the Shizen no sei Garden,

    – ephemeral tsuboniwa created with students of the “Sublime SUKIYA”

Those are "subscribers" videos.

Be aware and keep in mind that going to Japan each year, make contacts and find beautiful places, shoot up then edit all these videos ... for your information and enjoyment ... all this monopolizes much time, energy, and therefore has a cost.

Those are"subscribers" videos. 


In addition, you can purchase short videos on the basic knowledge of the art of the Japanese garden (about 4 to 10 $US, $CAD and AUD, £) as well as training videos on demand*, from 15 to 30 minutes (12 to 23 $US, $CAD and AUD, £), others about 70 minutes (about 33$US, 42 $CAD and AUD, 25£ and with promotions at launch) concerning the design of Japanese gardens (tsuboniwa, tsukubai, tobi-ishi, nobedan, take-gaki, sukiyamon, taki, ogawa, ishi-gaki, ... etc.) and creating niwaki of different styles and different species.

Once acquired, these videos become your property, while remaining only in VOD on the platform. Resubscribe the following year for 1€ allows you to find them again very easily, stored in your account.


Also take advantage of the opportunity to watch the presentation videos to see if you are able to watch videos in HD. If you have some difficulties of loading, choose the low speed. A purchased video in HD does not give you the opportunity to watch it at low speed and vice versa. So be sure to make the right choice.


When you first log in, you will only see the "Access to videos" button in the menu. Do not worry, the videos are there. They await you ... Once your subscription of 1 € paid, you will have access to the whole menu.

I encourage you to send me topics you would like that I deal with through future videos (in the universe of Japanese gardens). Some have already done and I have noted their requests carefully. All suggestions will be considered. However, it may be that I must first go to Japan, get information or educate myself further, create video, edit, translate … All this takes time, so you will have to be patient.


* "On demand" means that you can view your videos whenever you want, as many times as you wish and at any time