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       Thanks to my various trainings, my life experiences and observations, I wanted to be able to offer this place in France, but also through trips around the world, where you can reconnect to the original relationship with nature… the only true source of happiness and inner peace.

Take a few days out for yourself, or enjoy an extended holiday to come and immerse yourself in this beautiful place, that is so similar to the Kyoto region by its landscapes, geology, vegetation and climate. Come and stay with us (guestroom, organic breakfast...), visit our gardens, our niwaki nursery, as a simple visitor, or take part in one of our courses about niwaki or Japanese garden creating.

I go back regularly to Japan (1 to 2 times/year) to visit nurseries, meet some specialist professionals to discover more about the methods and the philosophy around Japanese pruning and Japanese garden landscaping. I also go back to work with my teachers Mr OBAYASHI (whose family are Japanese pruning gardeners since 18 generations), and I sincerely thank Mr MORIMAE, with whom I began my Japanese garden training, and whose grandfather was a Japanese Landscape Master for the imperial gardens.

Since the beginning of 2013, I was fortunate to be able to continue my training, receiving my pratical exercises, advice and teachings from Mr HOSHI of Zama-shi (Kanto region), Master in Japanese gardens, in the purest Japanese tradition, authentic, and "non-westernized". And since the end of 2014, I also receive training from Mr SANO of Kyoto-shi (Kansai region), also a Master in Japanese gardening.

All this is obviously essential to understand and integrate this art in a true way, as a path of life, to better ourselves and gain in well-being and inner tranquility. It is a complete philosophy of life. The garden is a daily study which never stops, but is it not the goal ? The path we take is more important than the result. This means practicing again and again...

And I would like you to benefit from these experiences.

e-learning platform - Study tour in Japan - Japanese pruning and gardens - Frederique DUMAS - www.japanese-garden-institute.com


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